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Guides, Tips and Support for Women

This section includes hits and tips for helping you to succeed, understanding where we are being marketed to, with quality advice and research, without the spin or hype from the media and sellers.  We hope to inform and maybe surprise you but always with factual integrity and honest opinion.  If you feel you can add a topic please let us know.

Food and Nutrition 

Super foods >​

Farmers Market Tips >

​Supermarket secrets >

What's in Season This Month >

Fitness and Exercise

(HIT) the 3 minute weekly workout >

Bare Foot Running the smart choice >

Weight loss Pills the truth >

What's the best exercise for you >

Why drink milk after exercise >

Home Economics 

​Supermarket secrets >

Make do and Mend >​

Best Voucher Internet Sites >

How to DIY >

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