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Weight Loss Pills that work

Slimming Pills that actually work.​



The only “over the counter” pill that has clinically been proven to work and is available in the UK is The Alli Pill, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline.  The active ingredient in the Alli pill is Xenical or Orlistat.   Orlistat’s is a chemical inhibitor which reduces fat absorption by impeding the action of lipase (the digestive enzyme in the stomach and small intestine that uses and stores fatty acids). Orlistat binds to lipase to prevent the absorption of saturated fats and trans fat.  It is therefore quite important that people using this drug do not over indulge on fatty foods as it is quite well documented now that anal leakage can occur, as the fat is expelled from the body. The recommended dosage of Orlistat is 60 mg, taken three times per day.  According to the National Library of Medicine Orlistat can consume up to 30% of ingested dietary fats.

A Dr prescribed pill is Reductil which helps you feel full by enhancing levels of serotonin the feel good chemical in your brain which also makes you feel fuller with less food thereby reducing portion size in food..

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