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About Us
& why UK women only

About My Auntie M

This site is for women & girls' of all ages in the UK, hopefully proving that extra bit of help that we all need, a real database of quality information at your fingertips. A site leading you to the support you may need, as well as factual information, a brief history of women's rights and struggles for equality legislation from 1900 to today, statistics, topical news, and life tips.

With celebrity culture being the screen the media is pulling over our eyes, it leaves no space to see or discuss the real issues in society. Disparate news from all angles makes it hard to link up what is going on and how it will affect women, how lockdown has affected women as well as documenting the concerning move to gender ideology and how it is damaging women's sex-based rights and protections.


MyAuntieM is dedicated to trying to address the balance, shining a light on what it really is to be female in the UK today.


We will be trialling products and only recommending the ones that we believe actually work. We will be keeping abreast of women's issues and relevant women's news, showcasing businesses that either support women or have women CEO's.


Finally, we will highlighting the great women both past and present that are celebrated, but also the countless brilliant women that have been side-lined or forgotten in society today.  With a bit of luck, inspiring young and older UK women alike by understanding that these amazing women were born, lived and worked either in your local area, or not that far away from it. 

If we feel that the topic is too comprehensive for this site, we have set links to relevant websites for further reading or products you might find useful.  Here's hoping you enjoy this site and if you have any handy hints please let us know so we can share them on this site and credit you accordingly.

​MyAuntieM is dedicated to shining a light for the 51% of the population who are female. A comprehensive site of researched quality information, links, support, stats, tips and news at your fingertips. Showcasing our struggles and achievements, providing a little inspiration from the wonderful women who came before us and those who are making a difference today.

Although much of the information & community support is UK specific, we are hoping women around the world will be able to see a correlation with their countries, use the quality female specific information and gain an insight on how to get support.  

If we feel that the topic is too broad for this site, we have set links to relevant websites for further reading or products you might find useful.
Finally, Rome was not built in a day! If you have any handy hints or think we have missed an important topic, please let us know so we can share them on this site and credit you accordingly.

Please also check out our shop for those little essentials we all love, it will help support us to run this site. Or you could always buy us a coffee.

Here's hoping you enjoy this site.

A qualification for this site (Why UK specific?)


If you notice that there are numerous, news articles or wonderful international women missing from the site.  The reason is because this site is limited to celebrating UK women only.  There are the odd quotes by international women and sometimes men (primarily because they are too good or important to omit).


I have thought long and hard about including women from around the world, it was a difficult decision, but I finally resolved that this should be for UK women only.  Largely because there hasn't been anything like it before, but also because, celebrating women is such a comprehensive subject.  Hopefully, if this site takes of, it would be wonderful for others to make similar sites country by country and maybe even an international one.  Women’s achievements should be celebrated internationally, but they should be celebrated locally by as well. 


How this site came to pass


When the Bank of England back in 2013 alluded to the fact that there were hardly any “British women” of note that have achieved enough to be represented and celebrated on English banknotes, I couldn't believe it actually became a real debate, that nonsense was in fact the inspiration for this site.  It appeared then, that British women and their achievements seem to be mostly invisible to in our society.  Well, I hope this site will leave the Bank of England in no doubt of the huge pool of talent and achievement they could easily have drawn from.   (Hay, all it takes is a little research.)

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