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A Few Farmers Market Tips

Farmers markets are being held all over the country with the current crisis in confidence with the supermarkets and a lack of transparency over distribution routes, why not opt for farmers market with the added advantage of a nice morning or afternoon out.  Here are a few of our tips ..

Bring your own bags .. Not only is it better for the environment but it can stop that tricky situation where the weak and flimsy bags break

Shop either early or late .. There are some great bargains to be had if you shop outside the rush or if its quality you want .. Definitely get there ahead of the crowd .. 
The best products go early and can even sell out

Walk round the entire market first to check prices and give you time to shop, there can be some real bargains to be had on out of the way stalls

Buy seasonal produce .. This is the most important tip .. If you are going to shop in this way what is better then to buy in season not only is the produce cheaper in season but it is the best quality it is going to be (see below for a list of season to produce)

Ask when the product was picked, there is no point in getting fresh produce if it has to be eaten within hours

Always have enough change on you

Try and support locally produced organic produce ..

and finally remember you are buying fresh produce .. Only buy enough for the week it is incredibly easy to over buy

What's in Season This Month?

Coming Soon





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