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10 Easy Steps on How to Look Great

To get your own style and wear it well you must first know the basics about your personal style, size and body shape and which cuts suit you. The objective is to create the illusion of a balanced silhouette with colour tones which suite your skin, height and weight.

The best thing to do is create your own chart please feel free to print this MyOwnStyle.pdf and fill it in as you go, it will give you a real understanding of what the best outfits are for you when you are out shopping also once you have done it, it is a guide for life.

Good luck

Step  1, Know your Body shape

Step  2, Know your Skin Tone and what colours you should be wearing

Step  3, Know your Personal Style

Step  4, Know your Hight Rules

Step  5, Check out our 10 must have items of clothing >

Step  6, De-clutter that wardrobe and store out of season clothes >

Step  7, Shop for any missing items in your current season

Step  8, Only buy clothes you really love, you will wear it more

Step  9, Get your bra size checked every time you shop for one 

Step 10, Dress your age

Download and print of this MyOwnStyle.pdf chart and fill it in as you go through the page below

Know your Body Shape

Measure your Chest, Waist and Hips


Use this chart to see what shape you are.

According to surveys in the US about 46% of women were banana, just over 20% pear, just under 14% apple and 8% polled were hourglass.​

Style to wear for your body shape​

Bananas: need to accentuate curves they are proportionality straight up and down, padded bra's and scarf's increase your bust line, wear hipster jeans or below the waist skirts, tops should be patterned or detailed, wear pencil or a line skirts at knee length. Jackets with pinched in waist are also good.  for dresses try wrap-around ones.  Stay away from vertical stripes. ​

Pears: need to draw attention to the upper body away from the bigger lower half, again padded bra's are a good start as well as scarf's, and detailing on blouses, straight leg trousers (not tapered) should be worn skirts can be a-line and on the waist, look for dresses that have an emperor line and jackets that rest at the waist.

Apples: need to draw attention the the lower body away from the bigger top half.  Plain tops and boot cut jeans or trousers, wear darker colours on top with blouses and jackets landing at the hip to increase body length, belted dresses with flowing skirts help accentuate your lovely legs.

Hourglass:​ speaks for itself your figure is already balanced, you should still however think about accentuating that waist, wrap around and dresses with waist's suite you well, waisted jackets and tops I think you get the picture.

What suits you?
Colours, Personal Style & Size

Know your Skin Tone and what Colours to Wear

These can be divided into four seasons, so if you have olive skin and green eyes with Chestnut hair you would be looking to dress in the Autumn season of colours

Defining your Personal Style

Classic - Conservative styles that remain fashionable for many seasons

Sporty - Sportswear that can be comfortable versatile and practical

Dramatic - Trendsetting new or distinctive styles

Feminine - Floaty or flattering clothes including soft or gentle lines

Key Size Rules

Petites - Wear one colour if possible. if not wear a top and trousers in complementary hues. Ideally buy cloths from Petite selections as this will reduce that bagging of material at the back.Wear heals and for that extra fashion look try to keep your tights the same colour if not just wear nude tights.

Larger sizes - Rule number one is to make sure your clothes fit correctly if you oversize your clothes you will give the impression of being bigger then you are, and if you under-size them you will draw attention to that inevitable bulge. Always balance your look by contrasting styles.

Slender - Create attention around the bust and upper body area with ruffles, only wear tight trousers or skinny jeans if you have a flowing top as if you go too tight all round you will look boyish.

Know your body shape
What suites you? Colours, Personal Style & Size
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