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10 Recommended Women's Web Resources

Good News .. Help is out there if you look, here are some amazing websites solely dedicated to women and women's issues.

Women's Resource Centre - The Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) is a charity which supports women’s organisations to be more effective and sustainable. 


The Women's Organisation - The Women's Organisation provides a range of services and information for women 


Visit:  or

National Alliance of Women’s Organisation - NAWO acts as a bridge between women’s organisations and decision makers both nationally and internationally.


(Text taken from NAWO website)

The Official Guide to - International Women's Month Magazine


(Text taken from website home page)


Womens E News


American based newspaper style website, covering both American and international news about women.  This a very effective information site for understanding women's issues around the world.  Their motto is "Covering Women's Issues - Changing Women's Lives".  Well worth a visit and free to subscribe if you want to keep updated on what's happening around the world.


Women's Aid - working to end domestic and sexual violence against women and children in the UK


Fawcett today - Campaign on women’s representation in politics and public life; on equal pay, on pensions and poverty; valuing caring work; and the treatment of women in the justice system


(Text taken from websites "about us" page)

Visit :

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