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Did you know

It is in the Beauty and Fashion industry's interest to keep us feeling bad about ourselves, hence the unrealistic size 0 manikins we see in all the shop windows

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!" .. 

Unfortunately, when that was written they didn't have the level of media we do now.

Women today are constantly being judged on our looks alone and compared with a world wide supply of 22 year old size 0 super models gracing both the covers and internal adverts of not only men's but women's magazines. So here are a few golden hints and tips to help make the best of yourself, lets stop judging and lets start just having fun and enjoying fashion and beauty, after all it is put there for us, that is all of us not just the young and skinny.

Interesting facts

UK consumers spend around £5bn each year purely on cosmetics and 93% of British women use cosmetics in some form, UK women are one of the highest cosmetic users in Europe, 30% of how well we age is genetic, Skin is your bodies largest organ

20 Top Beauty Tips


1.   Know your body shape and personal style

2.   Only buy clothes you absolutely love

3.   Have a seasonal wardrobe

4.   Get plenty of sleep 8 hours if you can, it will make you feel happier and look better

5.   Brush your hair before bed - it will keep it feeling glossy

6.   Do not shower or bath every single day, give your skin a break

7.   Blot your eye area when drying your eyes this skin is very sensitive

8.   During a bath put a couple of cucumber slices on your eyes to help

reduce puffiness and help tired eyes, it also allows you to switch off.

9.   Don't touch your face un-necessarily, it creates wrinkles and transfers bacterial creating spots

10. Exfoliate once a week, this keeps your skin looking fresh

11. Only apply lotion or moisturiser after shower or bath - contrary to popular belief your skin rarely needs any help, mostly what you are doing is clogging your pores and creating dependence on the products.

12. Wash feet daily and never keep your feet in sweaty socks or trainers

13. Use a pumice stone once a week on your feet to keep them soft

14. Apply nail polish on the little finger first working towards your thumb in order to avoid smudging newly painted nails

15. Eat a good combination of vitamin rich foods A&E for skin

16. Put the music on and exercise or dance while doing house work, it will make you feel good and give you a sense of achievement at the same time

17. Take a minimum of 30 minutes each day as "Me Time", women tend to put everyone and everything ahead of their needs, you need time to centre yourself and relax, you are no fun to be with if you are grumpy all the time.

18. Sleep on your back if you can, it reduces sleep induced wrinkles

19. Try and have a I feel fabulous day at least once a month and pamper yourself

20.  And finally, stop being so hard on yourself, stop looking in the mirror and seeing the negatives, the better you feel about yourself the more beautiful you will feel.

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