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Frequently Asked Questions 

Hopefully a little help in either where to find things or why we have done something a certain way.



Where are all the International women?

There are the odd quotes by international women and sometimes men (primarily because they are too good or important to omit).


We have thought long and hard about including women from around the world, it was a difficult decision, but we finally resolved that this should be for UK women only.  Largely because there hasn't been anything like it before, but also because, celebrating women is such a comprehensive subject.  If this site takes of, it would be wonderful to make an international site, and then sites country by country.  Women’s achievements should be celebrated internationally, but they should be celebrated locally by country as well. 


When the Bank of England alluded to the fact that there were hardly any “English women” of note that have achieved enough to be represented and celebrated on English banknotes, it actually became a real debate.  It appears then that British women and their achievements seem to be mostly invisible to today’s society.  Well, I hope this site will leave the Bank of England in no doubt of the huge pool of talent and achievement they could easily draw from and put the silly debate to rest.   (Hay, all it takes is a little research.)


This therefore, will clarify what British women have actually achieved, despite the difficulties and inequality they have faced throughout British history.  This site will hopefully, address some of the balance, shine a light on the great women that are celebrated, but also the countless brilliant women throughout history that have been side-lined or forgotten in society today.   With a bit of luck, inspiring young and older UK women alike by understanding that these amazing women were born, lived and worked either in their local area, or not that far away from it. 

How do I contact MyAuntieM

As we are web based please email us on or clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.​

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