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Inspiration for us all

Please let us know if you have a video you want us to share

Trust your struggle | Zain Asher | TEDxEuston

Love the quote "success comes when opportunity meets preparation"

An epidemic of beauty sickness | Renee Engeln | TEDxUConn 2013

Questioning why; beautiful is the most important, most powerful thing a girl or woman can be,

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

I'm a massive fan thank you Megan for your inspirational courage

Inspirational quotes

Gloria Steinem

Feminest and Activest Author, Interviewed on HARDtalk BBC2 .. typical negative comments posted by men to this though

Germain Greer

On the Female Eunuch and the Whole Woman and where she feels feminism stands today

Wow not from a woman but its funny and amazing and I couldn't resist

What can I say ... when nothing goes right ... go left!

A Parents Love

Beware, have a tissue handy

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