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Interview Tips

So you have got the interview for that dream job.  Here are a few tips that the interviewer will be searching for and a few ideas to put you above the rest and in the best light. Interviewers are trying to establish if you have the right skill set, you are enthusiastic and if you are a good fit for the department/company.  Don’t let them have it all their way though, do your research and have some killer questions ready of your own, after all you need to know these things too if you are going to be happy there.

​Be prepared and do your research, find out all you can about the company and department you are interviewing for, as a guide you should know about:​ 

  • the CEO and other key staff,

  • the company structure,

  • it’s finances and turnover,

  • what the companies prime business is,

  • what are their client base,

  • Google the person who is interviewing you, you might find something

  1. Always take 2 copies of your CV with you (one for the interviewer and one for your reference) a pad of paper and a pen so you can take notes.

  2. Look the part, make sure you are well turned out clean and tidy

  3. Plan your journey and give yourself an extra 20 minutes on your journey time for unexpected travel delays.

  4. If you are early don’t report to reception too early, aim for 10 minutes before the interview time.

  5. Have your questions written down so you can go through them with the interviewer and take notes when they are replying. Rehearse the answers to these killer questions;

    1. Tell me about yourself (you should include relevant achievements, a summary of your last job and anything relevant to the position you are applying for

    2. Why do you want / did you leave your current/last job?; Should be as positive as possible, do not criticise your last employer

    3. Why do you want this job? Highlight your skill set and relevant experience, include in your answer that your are interested in the market sector or product and finally flatter by saying the company has an excellent reputation.

    4. What are your weaknesses?  Always the most difficult question, you need to highlight a weakness that you have worked on or are currently working on i.e. I’m quite shy but I have been working on trying to be more assertive.  Never say you don’t have one (everyone does) it will make you look unprepared and/or arrogant.

    5. Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years time? You should reassure your interviewer that you don’t have any short term goals but also let them know that long term you do have an agenda, try not to make it totally disconnected from the position you are applying for.

    6. Tell me about a situation at work where you dealt with conflict .. Include in your answer how you were able to resolve the conflict, showed resilience and were able to deal with a pressure in a calm and professional way.

    7. What are the achievement you are most proud of? Show a work related example where you have given tangible benefits to your employer. 

  6. Ask questions, try to find a question about the company you can ask in the interview to highlight the fact you have done your research i.e. “I noticed the company’s share price was xxx this morning but xxx last year what do you think the biggest market trends and challenges will be for the company in the near future?”

  7. Ask why the role has become available, this will give you an insight into the environment you will be working in and don’t forget to ask them to describe the work culture of the company and any training opportunities offered.

  8. Always shake hands at the end and let the interviewer know that you would be interested in taking the job if offered. 

Finally, good luck

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