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Gender Identity
Is Harmful for Women & Girls


Men identifying as women allows them access to women & girls spaces & sports. Their crime data is recorded as female crimes and they also gain access to women's prisons. 

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Why is Deferring to Gender so harmful for women & girls?

There are around  112 (at last count). Anyone who identifies as one of these 112 genders are considered Trans. The trans lobby/Stonewall etc.. are pushing for the removal of the word “sex” and replace it by stealth in law with “gender/gender identity” to accommodate these 112 genders.


Why am I standing up and saying NO to our laws moving to gender ideology? Because this is in direct conflict with women/girls & LGB’s sex based rights, because our rights are BASED on the word sex.

Most of these 112 genders have no intention of transitioning, several of these identities can be considered fetishes. For me this is about access (without women’s consent) to women & girls protected spaces.


Most of the males today who are identifying as trans, “at best” have done little more then put on a dress once a week or just “say” they identify as a woman, the vast majority of which are intact males (80%+), with no evidence that they are not sexually attracted to women, some even call themselves Lesbians and are in Lesbian spaces. 

Deferring to these 112 genders, women will be unable to challenge any man in our space, effectively REMOVING women's sex-based rights and protections put into place 100 years ago. There will also be NO SAFEGUARDS away from predatory men for women or girls in public spaces.

Women are already unable to challenge anyone in our spaces for fear of reprisals.

Councils, companies & government departments are taking this one step further, in order to avoid the problem, they are removing women’s facilities and are replacing them with unisex ones, which removes any pretence of safeguarding. None of this has been done with consultations of women or women’s groups, no risk assessments have been done.

The big question, would YOU be happy for these men to have access to women & girls spaces?  Would YOU be happy for your 11 year old daughter to be undressed in a changing room or toilet alone with a man who may be attracted to females or is using the trans identity as a cover for his fetish or predatory instincts? (#TheStanilandQuestion) This is just one aspect of why this is important.

Women’s sports, not allowing children to grow up gay, prisons, hospitals, autonomy, data, choice of who intimately examines females, language to identify women as women without being reduced to body parts & a lot of other things this ideology advocates also impact women & girls.

There are violent male rapists in women's prisons in the UK today. Scotland has just agreed that any man who self id's as trans will be allowed access to a woman's prison, no matter the charge.


Male pattern violence does not go away by someone “identifying” out of their sex, this is now open season for any predatory man to use gender to access women & girls.

I choose to defend women & girls sex-based rights to privacy, dignity and safeguarding away from people with penises, no matter how they identify. This is my hill, all sane people should

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