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International day for
the Elimination of Violence against Women
25th November

The UN declaration on violence against women (1993) defines such violence as any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life.
The vast majority of these violent acts are perpetrated by men on women and girls and includes domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, so-called ‘honour based violence’, female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

March 2021

  • The police recorded a total of 1,459,663 domestic abuse-related incidents and crimes in England and Wales in the year ending March 2021, an increase of 79,407 from the previous year.

  • Of the total number of domestic abuse-related incidents and crimes, 613,929 (42%) were incidents not subsequently recorded as a crime. The remaining 845,734 (58%) were recorded as domestic abuse-related crimes. This was a 6% increase from the previous year and represents 18% of all offences recorded by the police.

  • Estimates from our most recent Crime Survey for England and Wales year ending March 2020 show 5.5% of adults aged 16 to 74 years (2.3 million) experienced domestic abuse in the 12 months prior.

Domestic homicide

There were 362 domestic homicides recorded by the police in the three-year period between year ending March 2018 and year ending March 2020. This represents 19% of all homicides where the victim was aged 16 years and over during this period.

Of the 362 homicides, 214 (59%) were female victims who were killed by a partner or ex-partner. In contrast 33 (9%) were male victims who were killed by a partner or ex-partner. The remaining 115 (32%) were victims killed by a suspect in a family category.


Domestic abuse prevalence and trends, England and Wales - Office for National Statistics (

March 2020

The police recorded a total of 1,288,018 domestic abuse-related incidents and crimes in England and Wales (excluding Greater Manchester Police) in the year ending March 2020. Of these, 41% (529,077) were incidents not subsequently recorded as a crime. The remaining 59% (758,941) were recorded as domestic abuse-related crimes.

  • 758,941 cases were recorded by the police 

  • 79,965 were referred to the cps for a charging decision and

  • the charging rate of those referred was 73% or 58,374

  • It is reported that the conviction rate at this stage is 78% (although, I have found it difficult to find supporting data & figures)

Number of domestic abuse-related crimes recorded by the police and percentage of offences that were domestic abuse-related

Total number of domestic abuse-related crimes Apr 2020 to Mar 2021 845,734 

Number of domestic abuse-related incidents recorded by the police 613,929

Proportion of domestic abuse-related crimes recorded by the police against women 73.12%

  • All offences 73%

  • Violence against the person72.3%

  • Sexual offences 93.4%

  • Miscellaneous crimes 78.0%

  • Public order offences 76.4%

  • Criminal damage and arson 73.2%

  • Other offences 66.8%

It is worthwhile to note that different demographics of women experienced different overall levels of domestic abuse


  1. Single mothers were the HIGHEST demographic experiencing domestic abuse at 21%

  2. Separated women were second at 18.6%.

  3. Women with disabilities came in third = 14.7%

  4. And 14% of young women (16-19) experienced domestic abuse.

CPS charge and conviction rates for domestic abuse...


Domestic abuse victim characteristics, England and Wales - Office for National Statistics (

Women's Support from
Violence, Rape
& Domestic Abuse
 Some important contacts for women's support, if they can't help you I'm sure they can advise on who to contact.

Women's Aid provides help and campaigns for women and children who have suffered from domestic violence.​

Refuge help from domestic violence

Refuge is a national charity providing support and refuge to women and children suffering domestic violence. Helpline: 0808 2000 247​

Victim Support is the independent charity for victims and witnesses of crime in England and Wales. It is the oldest and largest victims' organisation in the world. Helpline: 0808 16 89 111

Rape Crisis websites helps you find and connect with your local rape crisis centre


nia runs services for women and girls who have been subjected to sexual and domestic violence and abuse, including prostitution. Offering community based services.


RISE is an independent, domestic abuse victim support  Brighton-based charity. They offer practical help ranging from direct advice to refuge accommodation for those whose lives are at risk.


Wight DASH gives information and support to women and their children, on the Isle of Wight, who are living with or have lived with disadvantage, including domestic abuse. Helpline: 01983 825981

Aurora New Dawn.jpg

Aurora New Dawn offers safety, support, advocacy, and empowerment services to survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking. Also supports campaigns to end male violence against women.

help from trafficking and prostitution

Beyond the Streets works with 50 local projects across the UK directly addressing the needs of those in prostitution and trafficking. 

eaves offers a complete package of services designed to promote recovery and independence from violence.

Forward (Foundation of Women's Health Research and Development) is the African women-led women's rights organisation working to end violence against women and girls.

NAPAC exists to support survivors of child abuse when they want to talk and receive support as adults..

Rape, Domestic Abuse, Crime Support

Victims of Crime

Government Advice,

Legal Advice, Support

& Links

Victim of Crime What to do and when to do it, government guidelines, advice and help.​

CPS Guide for Rape Victims What happens when a case of rape goes to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

A guide for victims of rape and serious sexual assault - What happens when a case comes to the CPS | The Crown Prosecution Service

Going to Court What to do and when to do it, as a victim or witness government guidelines, advice and help​

Clare's Law What to do if you need to find out about your partners past history of domestic violence

Legal Aid for victims of domestic abuse If you are a victim of domestic violence and are divorcing or separating from an abusive partner you can get legal aid to help.

Legal aid: Domestic abuse or violence - GOV.UK (

The Law Society Provides information to help you find the legal support you need. Find out how to get expert help and read The Law Society's guides on common legal issues.

Rights of women logo.jpg

Rights of Women helps women through the law, provides women with the legal advice and information they need to understand and use the law and their legal rights. They also work to improve the law for women and increase women’s access to justice.

The Hardship Fund provides temporary relief​ for victims of crime who are on very low incomes and do not have access to statuary sick pay.

Pre-Trial Therapy You are entitled to support, government guidance.

Pre-Trial Therapy - Fundamental Principles | The Crown Prosecution Service ( 

Gov. legal advice for victims
Offender Advice & Support
Government Reports on Sexual Violence against women

Sexual Assault and Rape

In the year ending March 2020 Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) estimated that 1.6 million adults aged 16 to 74 years had experienced sexual assault by rape or penetration (including attempts) since the age of 16 years. Analysis of the nature of these assaults uses CSEW data from the years ending March 2017 and March 2020 combined and is limited to adults aged 16 to 59 years. The 1.6 million figure seems a bit light considering the estimated 618,000 in the year 2019-2020 alone.


ONS estimated 618,000 sexual offences against women for the year to March 2020 and the final figure for conviction where a rape had been alleged were convicted of rape or another crime - resulted in half the number three years prior at 1,439.​

Let's clarify these shocking figures

  • A total of 162,936 sexual offences against women over the age of 16 were recorded by the police in England and Wales in the year ending March 2020, using ONS's 16% reporting rule the true figure of actual sexual offences must be around 1,018,350 incidents.

  • As we see with domestic abuse cases, we also know that the police do not always record these incidents.

  • Police recorded 55,130 rapes of women over the age of 16, the CPS estimates that only 16% report to the police, so if we extrapolate out, the actual figure of rapes for the year ending March 2020 should be 344,563 actual rapes.

  • The CPS charge rate is 21%, so of the 55,130 let's say 11,577 were charged

  • Although the CPS says 45% of those charged are taken to court in their report, (i.e. 5,210 court cases), we know the actual cases that ended up in court for that year was only 2,102

  • Of those the 2,102 victims where their cases were deemed worthy of a court case only 1,439 resulted in their rapist being convicted.

Bottom line:


  • 344,568 ONS estimated rapes of women occurred in the year to March 2020 (extrapolated from 16% reporting rate)

  •   55,130 were recorded by the police

  •     1,439 rapes resulted in a rape conviction

Also, sexual offences

  • 1,018,350 ONS estimated sexual offences of women occurred in the year to March 2020 (extrapolated from 16% reporting rate)

  •    162,936 were recorded by police 

  • (Still trying to find figures for conviction rates)

These numbers do not include children.

Sexual offences in England and Wales overview - Office for National Statistics (


Nature of sexual assault by rape or penetration, England and Wales - Office for National Statistics ( 

CPS publishes latest data on rape charges and convictions | Rape Crisis England & Wales

Data for children is difficult to come by after 2019 So according to this ONS report, in the year ending March 2019, the police in England and Wales recorded 73,260 sexual offences where there are data to identify the victim was a child.

  • The Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) estimated that 7.5% of adults aged 18 to 74 years experienced sexual abuse before the age of 16 years (3.1 million people); this includes both adult and child perpetrators.

  • The abuse was most likely to have been perpetrated by a friend or acquaintance (37%); around a third (30%) were sexually abused by a stranger.

  • The majority of victims did not tell anyone about their sexual abuse at the time.

  • At 31 March 2019, 2,230 children in England were the subject of a child protection plan (CPP) and 120 children in Wales were on the child protection register (CPR) for experience or risk of sexual abuse.

  • Sexual abuse has become the most common type of abuse counselled by Childline in recent years; it was also the most commonly reported type of abuse by adults calling the National Association for People Abused in Childhood’s (NAPAC’s) helpline in the year ending March 2019

Child sexual abuse in England and Wales - Office for National Statistics (

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