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Recognised Organisations and Comissioned Government reports detailing statistics about womens place in the UK today

Recognised and commissioned reports from government and charities including statistical information detailing womens place and situation in the UK in 2013

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has published a comprehensive series of reports annually since 2006 for 136 countries.  They have reported this year (2013) that many countries have been working hard to closed the gender equality gap in the past year.  Unfortunately the UK has yet again failed to progress.  The rankings of note are:


Overall ranking 18th (following a steady decline from 9th place since 2006).

Areas of concern include:


97th for healthy life expectancy for women

71st for helping women find professional and technical positions

59th for securing ministerial jobs

54th for getting women into parliament

35th for economic gender equality

31st for educational attainment

29th Political attainment

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