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Media, the Internet and how Women are portrayed

Some great eye-opening video's and these are why we sat up took note and decided to share of these videos. Some are about and from America, but so much of our media culture is American it's difficult not to share the influences and see the parallels.  Also, with the "No More Page 3" campaign and a spotlight being shed on so called "Lads Mags", the Daily Sport etc. which are widely on display next to children's magazines in newsagents and supermarkets, it is becoming increasingly clear that the hyper sexualisation of women and girls by the media is getting out of hand.

Generation M


An excerpt from the Media Education Foundation's 2008 documentary, "Generation M: Misogyny in Media and Culture.

Jean Kilbourne’s Killing me Softly 4 trailer


Her pioneering work helped develop and popularse the study of gender representation in advertising

'Sum Of Their Body Parts?': Women in the media debate

Wonderful debate at the Southbank Centre March 2013

The F Bomb


A Feminism Documentary



The Straw Feminist


Tropes for women in the media.  Smart and witty and true

Anita Sarkeesian - Online Harassment Conference 2013


An amazing woman, standing up and not being intimidated by cyber mob misogany.  Look up her YouTube videos they are really enlightening

Panel: 'How to Be a Feminist'
(All About Women 2015)


"Is “feminism” a political agenda, a social identity, a set of behaviours, a lifestyle choice, a Twitter mob or a branding exercise? This vital, varied panel flattens common stereotypes, and delve into what feminism really means & can achieve in 2015.

Germaine Greer - Women's Rights: "Equality" or Revolution? - FemiFest2014

Just for a little light relief ...


Women: Know Your Limits! satire - BBC comedy .. Harry Enfield

June 2008​

Stripping The Illusion: Lap Dancing Industry Exposed (Part 1)

By talking to real women who have worked in the Lap Dancing Industry.

Stripping The Illusion: Lap Dancing Industry Exposed (Part 2)

By talking to real women who have worked in the Lap Dancing Industry.

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