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where women & girl's in 2nd pace should be given a gold medal
The death of women & girl's sports
This is NOT about testosterone.

There seems to be an obsession that MtF (male to female) who identify as women should have access to women/girls sports with a simple lowering of their testosterone, this is a straw man argument that has successfully infiltrated many organisations and now even the Olympic Committee.


Men no matter how much testosterone they have will still have a natural advantage over women in sports, this is why the sex based category exists in the first place.

“Men are naturally larger then women, they have a larger bone structure, higher bone density, stronger connective tissue, higher muscle density, larger hearts, lungs and cardiovascular systems & better reaction times. These traits do not magically disappear if a man reduces his testosterone levels.

It is insulting to women & girls who have trained hard and are sometimes competing for access to scholarships, prize money, gold medals or just even accolades.


The logical conclusion to this would be for any man who is marginally good at his sport to decide to reduce his testosterone and identify as a woman in order to pick up all the prize money and titles, thus completely erasing women & girl's sex based sports.

Laurel Hubbard previously Gavin Hubbard, 39 — now going by — is a New Zealand weightlifter who dominated the Australian International weightlifting competition in Melbourne. Hubbard lifted 590.9 pounds in the women’s 198.4-pound division, out-lifting the competition by 45 pounds.

Before her transition, Hubbard competed in powerlifting as a man. Now a woman, she wants to continue to compete as her gender.

In 2012 Hubbard was appointed to the position of Executive Officer for Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand

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